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Deep down I prefer portfolios to be something you hold, leaf through, touch, smell and hand to the person you're trying

to sell your unique skills to. The swipe of an iPad will never replace the tactile joy of opening that brochure, feeling that varnish or the inherent attention to detail that a headband speaks of on the spine of a book.

As communicators we have a duty to create powerful user experiences online. Portfolio sites are a tricky area, as each project carries with it so much 'story' that it's my aim to sit alongside you and walk you through the projects that interest you most.

Westpac Govt Banking Case Studies

Acurity Specialists App

NIWA Rebranding

Apprentice of the Year

CentrePort bSafe Campaign

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Acurity Branding

Royal NZ College of GPs

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PM's Science Prize

Forest Owners Association

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GNS Annual Report

Greenstone Energy (Z Energy)

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Ministry of Justice

Master Builders

Navyblue Design Group

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Tottenham Hotspur FC

Miller Homes

Corn Exchange Gallery

Health Scotland

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